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The Foothill Gold Line is Coming to San Dimas

The Foothill Gold Line is scheduled to make its way through San Dimas by 2025, creating a new San Dimas Gold Line Station. The station will be located east of San Dimas Avenue between Bonita Avenue and Arrow Highway. Once completed, the transit line will allow individuals from San Dimas to travel to Pasadena in approximately 27 minutes and Downtown Los Angeles in roughly 56 minutes. 

However, as a San Dimas resident or an avid transit traveler, you may have questions about the Foothill Gold Line. What does the transit mean for the San Dimas community, and how will it affect you? What streets will be closed during construction, and what is the best detour? When will the station open? What are the benefits of the station or alternative transportation? 

The San Dimas Community Post is dedicated to informing San Dimas residents about matters that affect their lives, including the Foothill Gold Line. Residents might be concerned about a rise in crime or more people coming into the city. Some residents might be curious about how they can benefit from this alternative transportation. 

This week we are kicking off in-depth coverage of the San Dimas Gold Line Station development. And we want you to be part of this journey. What questions and concerns do you have about the developing station? To get the conversation started, we have begun polling readers on social media. Stay tuned here for more opportunities to engage with this project and share your thoughts.

Maydeen Merino, San Dimas Community Post staff writer

Readers Like You Shared Their Thoughts

We wanted to know what was on the minds of San Dimas residents when it came to the Gold Line. Were people excited about the station coming to town? What were their concerns? Below is a breakdown of the responses from SDCP readers on our social media during the week of Mar. 15. (Click on an image for a larger version.)

Test Your Foothill Gold Line Knowledge

Take the Foothill Gold Line quizDo you know where the Foothill Gold Line’s San Dimas station will be located? How many cities does the current expansion include? How long will a trip from San Dimas to Downtown LA take on the Gold Line? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in our Foothill Gold Line quiz.


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