The San Dimas water towers


The mission of the San Dimas Community Post is to provide important community news and information to help residents of San Dimas make informed decisions about issues that impact our community.

The San Dimas Community Post is a local news organization that publishes stories both online and in print for the community of San Dimas, California. Through our quarterly newspaper and website we report on local issues that affect our community including elections, education, environment, and business.

The San Dimas Community Post follows the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

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Evan Solano, lifelong San Dimas resident and journalist

Staci Baird, recent San Dimas resident, media professional and journalism educator

Isabel Ebiner, San Dimas resident and host of Isabel in San Dimas podcast

Eric Nakano, lifelong San Dimas resident and Masters in Business Administration and Public Policy

Letter from the Founders:

We know, we know: there’s no time like a global pandemic to publish a hyperlocal, community newspaper, right?

So who are we and what are we attempting to do with this publication, and most importantly, why are we doing this now?

Like many of you who are reading this, we are residents of San Dimas from various backgrounds, ages and demographics who are united by the common bond of our love of our community and the need for local coverage in it — coverage so thorough and niche, that it could only be sourced by people who have called San Dimas their home.

The San Dimas Community Post is a new, local news organization publishing stories both online and in print for the community of San Dimas, California. Through our quarterly newspaper and website, we want to report on local issues that affect our community directly, including elections, local government, education, the environment, events (whenever those happen again), and local businesses.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Aren’t there already newspapers covering San Dimas?”

Of course there are, but we believe that local journalism plays an important role in our democratic society, and we believe there should be multiple avenues for people to share their stories and learn about what’s going on in their city. We don’t see these publications as competitors, but as allies in the quest of making sure our residents are being informed and educated with the latest and most reliable news.

While there are other publications who have been around much longer, the sad truth is many of these outlets are being squeezed dry by shrinking ad revenue and being gutted by massive layoffs that leave newsrooms without enough reporters to cover large swaths of Southern California.

Imagine being one reporter assigned the daunting task of covering not only San Dimas, but every city and town in the neighboring areas. You would be stretched so thin, stories would be bound to fall through the cracks.

As you already know, there’s so much happening in our little corner of the world that covering the intricacies and nuances of our city could be a full-time job. We hope that our independent publication can help fill the void of exclusive San Dimas coverage left in the wake of those jobs being eradicated.

Over the last several years there have been areas all over the country that are called “news deserts,” where there are no local outlets to report on the day-to-day functions of the community. Without the power of local reporting, these areas only have social media, fake blogs that spread misinformation, pretending to be “credible news” and, of course, these giant mainstream news outlets that don’t focus on local issues, but try and appeal to a mass audience.

The San Dimas Community Post is proudly funded and paid for by the residents of San Dimas — that’s it. Your generous contributions help fund our endeavor. We believe being funded by the community gives us the responsibility to be beholden only to the citizens of San Dimas, not to any one group or organization that have some political bent or agenda.

And while the idea of media and journalism in 2020 are often met with cynicism and vitriol on a national level, we believe local news exists not to divide, but to inform, enlighten and bring people together.

Now more than ever, we need more reasons to find community and share human experiences as many of us are confined to our homes, endlessly scrolling through social media and streaming channels.

It’s time we pick up a newspaper and learn about the inner workings and stories of the people who make up our town. The way we see it, the role of our local newspaper is to educate community members about important local issues, so that residents of San Dimas can make informed decisions, whether it’s a huge election year like this year is, or not. We value telling the truth, being transparent and sharing different perspectives and experiences of our community members.

The editorial board consists of San Dimas residents, volunteer writers and journalism professionals who love this city and want to make a meaningful contribution to the community.

We aren’t out to mudsling or stir up trouble, but we do believe in being a watchdog and a voice of truth to the powerful and to those in positions of public service.

We believe in the tenets of media ethics put forth by the Society of Professional Journalists that instruct us to “seek truth and minimize harm,” and we see our roles as journalists to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

We believe that local news matters, that San Dimas matters, that your voice matters. So this publication is not a vessel for our words and opinions, but for your stories to be told.

We hope you will come to value our service and look to the San Dimas Community Post as a trusted source of information. We may not always be first, and we may occasionally be wrong, but we will always act with the best intentions for our city and for you, the residents, friends, family, and loved ones we live among.

From Western Days to people screaming “SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES,” whenever we tell them where we’re from, San Dimas is our home and, frankly, we know it better than anyone.

We are a publication that’s for residents and by residents, so let’s use our collective voice to inform and empower our community.